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Hello, my name is Fiona - welcome to my website.  I want this small corner of the virtual world to reflect my story living on a small Scottish island.  When I was 38 I moved my family to the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.  Soon after arriving we decided to offer the children the option of home schooling and they jumped at it. Around home school I worked as an artist and writer.  I am a mixed media artist inspired by the shifting seasons on the island I call home.  The children are all grown up now so I have more time to devote to my creativity.  I exhibit work but I also have a wee Etsy store with a wonderful customer base.  I have a Patreon community where we come together to create seasonally.  My Youtube channel reflects a slower, gentler way to create within the shifting seasons.  Recently, I have returned to writing and I am creating a series of books dedicated to seasonal creativity.  My author page on Amazon can be found HERE.  My books range from simple journals to books packed with seasonal activities.  I also write most weeks over on Substack where I share my seasonal studio practice.  Thank you for stopping by.  

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